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 Minstra / Bio

In association with AM MEDIA GROUP, EDMNYC, FROMDJS4DJS, DMA PRODUCTIONS NYC, and QUAD RECORDING STUDIOS NYC, there is a sense when Minstra walks into a live event that there is something different about to happen. Every musical performance brings an air of closeness, connection and familiarity that the audience indelibly feels in his choice of music, style and accent. The sense of anticipation builds as the set collides with reality and there is little room to feel anything else, conveying his belief that the paradigm of music isn’t in what you hear, but in how what you hear makes you feel. One of his favorite saying is ‘Do not underestimate the power of music; it’s the great echo of our existence reflecting back at us. Music is the soundtrack of our experiences, the rhythm of our hearts, the melody of our dreams, and the sound of our souls.” In a way, music is a sacred experience we share with those around us, yet how we experience that sound is uniquely personal. Minstra DJs with a passion for creating the perfect event that is evident at every show. He interacts with his audience like old friends and his charisma and energy keep the place pumping. “What matters most is that no one goes home without a positive experience.”

Minstra believes that the audience you needs to be able to lose their sense of self. That as DJs, we open the door to let people into their perfect moments. As in contemporary Hip Hop culture, a DJ is a story teller, a performance artist, a wizard of sound who is duty bound to remind people that there is still magic in the world, and it’s in every one of us. A firm believer that you need to play homage to your forebears and flippin’ what was once great, but now is greatly forgotten to make it relevant to audiences of today. His musical repertoire spans from early 60’s rhythm and blues to the newest sounds of today. As an open format DJ there are no limits, and his ultimate goal is to move people, since “…if it doesn’t move people it doesn’t move me.”

Those that have heard the results of his sets are always impressed. The sonic lyrical story is the end result of the translation from idea to the sounds of that idea. In essence, it represents the unspoken language between our intangible souls and our tangible realities. Being a music engineer the composite of street-smarts of the metropolitan life schooled in unpolluted, pressing, expectant, unearthly sound design makes for a fiercely contemporary musical DNA. Always incorporating new ideas and sounds he continues to refine his craft, “Because no matter how confident I am about my musical productions or choices I am still nervous about putting on a good show, and you know, that’s the way it should be.”

Minstra began DJing in 2011 after attending one of the best music production and performance schools in the country. Guided by his instinctive performance drive, as well as his developing and impressive original mixes and remixes, he continues to develop a sense of style that is both dynamic and deliberate. In a world where most performance artists are all about aggrandizing the self, Minstra prefers to create a timeless moment and blend into the background of the mix.

There’s plenty more to come from Minstra, so welcome to the show!

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