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Bimbo is one of the rising bulgarian DJs and producers. He committed all his life to the law of music. His entire conscious life is linked to it.
Since he was a little child he have grown in an environment surrounded by sound & music. Bimbo’s grandmother is a native bulgarian folk singer so maybe it will be fair to say that she is the one responsible for the music inside him. He was always with her when she performed and their house was almost all the time full of musicians, producers and singers.
With the years passing Bimbo’s interests in music and sound have grown enormously. In 2004 he decided to study “Sound design and producing” at ‘New Bulgarian University’. Since then Bimbo experimented with almost all music styles but it was electronic music that grabbed his heart. Inspired by some of the world’s finest DJ’s & producers – Carl Cox, Mark Knight, Victor Calderone, John Digweed, Pete Tong and many others he decided to try himself out in that area.


Exploring the depths of electronic music so far Bimbo have produced a number of tracks and countless mixes. Some of these tracks are “Spontaneous Music Behavior”, “Wings”, “Slaves No More”, “This Beat Makes Me…”, “Sangre De La Puta” and the newest diamond in his collection “Oriental Dreams”. “Slaves No More” was released under the New York’s label for electronic music – “System Recordings”. “This Beat Makes Me…” is out on “Beatport” from the columbian label “Taux Music”, “Wings” was released in all the major digital music stores from the UK label for underground dance music “Boomtic Records” which also released “Sangre De La Puta”.Lately Bimbo remixed a lot of tracks from fellow artists including three tunes from Terry Oxby (“Boomtic Records”) – “Move To This”, “Flagpole” & “Magik” also Karl Lost’s “Starship” and “I Love You, Oh So Much” by the canadians “Le Profilique”.
Recently Bimbo begun working on entirely new conception including native bulgarian folklore voices from the world famous bulgarian folklore singer – Yanka Rupkina. Let’s wait and see where this one goes.
Bimbo also hosts his own weekly radio show on the british “Audio One” radio, called “Bimbo’s Weekly Selection”.
Beside that Bimbo have an audio production company (located in Sofia, Bulgaria) called “Dreamville” which produces music/sound for artists, movies, media productions etc.
So in the end… prepare to hear more and more of this guy cause his passion about house music is breaking any boundaries.

Bimbo – soon in your sound system too!

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