Cafe Vithos in Nea Karavali, Kavala, Greece

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Cafe Vithos is located on the beach of Nea Karvali just 10 km
from the town of Kavala right next to the sea.
Cafe Vithos is a warm and beautiful place with carefully decorated interior
and so much imagination in which you can enjoy your coffee at any time of the day.
Its staff is ready to serve you, while you can enjoy a delicious breakfast, salads, various beverages
and have your drink in the evening in front of the sea.
Cafe Vithos is a very beautiful getaway close to Kavala.
TIP: Cafe Vithos is open 24 hours a day and there is a special room for massage, chiropractic and alternative therapies.

Address: παραλια Νεας Καρβαλης, Νέα Καρβάλη 64006
Tel: (+30) 2510316789

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