1 December@ 20:00 GMT+3 – OnlineDJRadio pres. Pinclite’s Experience

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1 December@ 20:00 GMT+3 – OnlineDJRadio pres. Pinclite’s Experience

Pinclite(Igor Filipovic):”I need all the fans of Electro/Progressive House, Dubstep, Drum ‘n’ Bass, Trap and Trance united to one Experience.
Follow my weekly podcasts and find out what’s new in this world of popular EDM.Why Experience?
Inspiration comes from the first album of famous group The Prodigy from 1992. that has the same name.
How it all started?
It was beginning of 2014. Actually, it started quite accidentally, when I’ve recorded my first longer mix for New Year celebration. My friends really liked it, so I’ve decided to continue recording every week.
I was pleasantly surprised with number of people that started following me and listening to my mixes on Mixcloud in pretty short time, so it encouraged me to work better and better. Every mix gets its own unique name and presents some kind of Experience in my imagination, whatever. 😀
Of course, everything that I do is simply my hobby, without intent to have any benefit, except to bring people closer to electronic music and meet them in advance with tracks that they will certanly listen to on radio stations or festivals.
I also wish to thank my friend, contributor, young and perspective DJ/producer, Djordje Stanojevic (more known in duo with Ivan Knezovic as “Zox & Dee”), for support and advices;
I’m satisfied with everyone who helps improving idea of making EDM popular in Serbia with many kind of events like Serbia Wonderland Festival, Jumbus, Belgrade Banging, Exit, LoveFest, Tropical Inn, Belgrade Vandalism and many, many more to be announced.Thank you too!”

Facebook  Page: https://www.facebook.com/experiencepodcast/

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